Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Apologetics & Apologies

It must be nice (or so it seems from your passionate desire to stay there) in your ivory tower
Where everything is black and white, plain and simple, right and wrong
Where you can spout off about freedom
         (except freedom of speech, the speech that you so ardently                shout out from the safety of your edifice while meanwhile                wanting to deny that same freedom for others)
Freedom to have as many freedoms you want, including the
Freedom to deny freedom to those different from you, those who look different or act differently or feel differently or whose life experiences you could never hope to understand.

It must be nice to live a life so bereft of knowledge, understanding, empathy that you don't have to hear the cries of the disenfranchised
          But can shout them down, swatting at them like irritating gnats
Cries that have no basis in reality--or so you think.
Simply whining, spoiled, self-centered cries.
They are so--or so you think
         Because in your ivory tower-existence you see only your experience.
The only experience that really matters.

Why don't they just get over it? Pull themselves up by their bootstraps? Get a job? Go to college? Quit sucking from the government tit?

Oh, you say racism in America is over but you have no idea do you?

Have you ever...
         Been denied a job, a seat in restaurant, human decency because of your skin color?
         Been afraid to walk down a street, leave a convenience store, drive a car legally, host a pool                   party?
         Felt compelled to teach your children to fear law enforcement officers?
         Felt the ugly stares or comments because you married or are dating someone of a different race?

Well, you can have your ivory tower. I want no part of it. I am angry and disgusted and guilt-ridden.
And I'll stay down in here in the street with the disenfranchised.

Am I a bleeding heart liberal? You damned right I am! Shame on you for not being one too. Your blindness, your prejudice, your hatred are accomplishing the goal...keeping us separated, unequal, unsettled.

It must be nice...