Thursday, July 2, 2015

Opening Day

"Sure, I'll go with you." I normally stay wisely in bed for the morning drop. Mine is more the reasonable afternoon pick up. I like crab but not enough to rise when the high tide is at 5:00 a.m. But I've been awake more or less since 3:00 so it doesn't much matter.

I'm crabby myself. Not enough sleep does that to me. And in spite of the record heat of June and now early July it is cool this morning and the windchill on the boat will warrant a heavier coat over my shorts. Skipper and I settle into our seat; David pushes the boat off from shore and idles past the piling.

The water at this time of day is smooth like a lake. The boat fairly glides over the small waves created by the first boat out. We pull away from the shore and there it is...the sun making its way up over the hills behind us. Morning is out in all her glory. There's a fine mesh over the mountains in the distance, the higher peaks caught in the web of a passing cloud. The water, now more rippled by boat traffic, comes in waves of alternating deep green and pale gray. The houses on the opposite shore are lit up by sunlight and look as though they've been strung together like gems on a necklace.

I rarely see the sunrise from the water for good reason. It is worth it though. And perhaps the worth will show in the crab pots as well.