Sunday, September 23, 2012

Perfect Peas


I know I haven't written for a while but I think I have a pretty good excuse this time:  I broke my hip.  I didn't intend to,  mind you.  It was "just one of those things..."  And apparently more likely to be one of those things that happens to someone with a) hypertonia as a result of stroke, and b) osteopenia (perhaps now osteoporosis).  And lucky me, I have both.

A month ago I was working in the kitchen while my granddaughter was happily playing near the dining table.  She called to me and I, like a fool, thought I could just walk around the kitchen bar counter to see what she was up to.  Silly me.  One wrong step and down I went.  And 3 weeks later I finally got the diagnosis of a femoral neck fracture (i.e. broken hip).  Except at my age I probably should not have actually broken it simply by falling from a standing position.  No, bad bones were probably on my side as well.

Apparently I "moved too fast."  I didn't think I did but I keep being reminded that since I have post-stroke hypertonia I have to learn to s-l-o-w d-o-w-n.  But see, since my stroke and my inability to move very well anyway I thought I had slowed down.  Turns out that I haven't slowed down enough.  Now I must move from turtle to slug.  Which seems appropriate since I already feel like a slug.

Seriously?  I have to slow down even more?  Instead of just calculating every step in the outside world I now have to do the same in my own house?!

So for now I am definitely moving slower--walker and wheelchair at the ready.  Having a bout of dèjá vu.