Monday, December 12, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays...

I'm beginning to think that Monday should be an official part of the weekend.  It turns out to be a pretty non-productive day for me after all and probably could be missed without notice.  Feeling like a slug today.  I'm sure that homo sapiens sapiens used to hibernate during the cold months and I'm not sure why we would have evolved out of that habit--clearly only part way.  Because although in practice we don't still hibernate, clearly my body is fighting against that idea.  It wants to hibernate in the worst way.  Or at least curl up with a good book--ok, or Nook!--in front of the fire on the sofa with a quilt or afghan (BTW, does anyone know why in God's name we call it an "afghan"??) for the next 4 months!  I should be writing more but my brain is trying to go into hibernation as well.  So...I offer up an excerpt from one of my ongoing writing projects:

THE SKIPPER CHRONICLES        by Anna Porter

BOOK ONE:  Skipper Finds a Home

Screech!  Honk!!  Rumble!  Cars veered dangerously close to the small tan and white puppy as he tried to run between them to safety.  He was scared, hungry and lonely.  He sniffed at a paper bag blown down the street by a warm breeze, but there was nothing inside it to eat. Maybe he would find some scraps at the little cafetin around the corner.

Manuel greeted the puppy at the back door of the cafetin.  “Buenos diás, pequeño sato!  How about a bone?”  The puppy’s mouth watered.  He hadn’t eaten for two days.  He edged close enough to grab the bone in his teeth, before dashing away to avoid the reach of Manuel’s hand.  He couldn’t take a chance, even though the young cantina worker seemed nice enough.  Plenty of other times he had been struck or kicked by humans so he tried to avoid their reach.  “You must learn to trust,” called Manuel after him, “if you are going to survive.”

The puppy raced away with his prize.  Hungry as he was, he couldn’t stop until he found a safe place away from the crowds and traffic.  He saw a woman approaching some stray dogs on the sidewalk.  It looked like she was offering them some food.  The puppy kept going.  Around the corner was a vacant lot where he found the perfect place to eat and rest among the litter and weeds.  He had just settled down to his feast when out from behind some garbage lurched Brutus.


  1. Ohhh! What happens next?

    I believe most anyone can write, but very few can write for children. You definitely can write children's books too! :) I look forward to following ANYTHING you write!

  2. Thanks Nona! You're a one-woman fan club!! I appreciate you!