Saturday, December 3, 2011

Encountering Angels

Okay, I don't really care what--if any--spiritual beliefs you have but all of us have encountered "angels," sometimes--perhaps most times--without ever knowing it.  I know I have.  I'm not talking about the sappy, cute, winged angels that invade every gift store or stationery store or all those annoying emails that people forward to you that have this lovely, sweet message until you get to the end and then you get threatened with "if you don't forward this to as many people as you know in the next 5 minutes you'll have the worst luck you could ever imagine!"  I'm talking about the real thing.  I'm talking about angels who have no idea that they are angels, they just are.

Rachael is an angel. She will deny to your face I'm sure but it is true. Rachael is my son's darling, diminutive, funny, bright, Jewish girlfriend.  I especially mention the fact that she is Jewish for a reason.  Last weekend when they were here we talked briefly about Christmas and she mentioned that she would love to decorate for Christmas because, frankly, she's not had a lot of experience at that and even though she was Jewish she loves the whole idea of Christmas and decorations, etc.  What makes her an angel is that she WANTS to help me.  And that is a big deal to me having suffered a stroke 6 months ago.  I was thinking that decorating for Christmas was out of the question (I can't carry boxes of decorations up and down stairs, etc.) since my family is just REALLY not into that stuff.  But Rachael is.  And she WANTS to help me and because of her I will be able to decorate for Christmas which is something I LOVE to do, in a big way.  And because of that little gesture, Rachael is an angel to me.  That's all it takes.

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